Po-Shen Loh: Magnetizing Mathematics

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Innovator and Creator

Po-Shen Loh believes that anything is possible, even reinventing learning or rethinking the paradigm for pandemic control. He founded Expii, a social enterprise that improves lives through education and healthcare, which began as an innovative learning platform where students have the power to choose how they learn.

Educator and Coach

Po-Shen has been a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University since 2010, and the National Coach of the winning USA International Mathematical Olympiad team since 2014. Through travel, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity, he uncovers math in unexpected places in our everyday lives. His unconventional attitude informs his holistic approach to education and drives him to teach students of all levels, backgrounds, and ages. As an in-demand innovative teacher, he shares mathematics with the world through his live streams for students or parents, the Daily Challenge with Po-Shen Loh, and Expii.

Academic and Researcher

Po-Shen’s academic career focuses on original discovery in the areas of combinatorics, probability theory, and computer science. He has published numerous papers in academic journals and was recognized by the 2019 United States Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. His style of making high-level concepts accessible to a variety of learning levels is what draws audiences to his presentations, and he has been invited to share his insights in 14 countries over the past decade.

Pandemic Response

Loh pioneered the network radar paradigm for pandemic control, which is fundamentally different from the strategies used by all other COVID-19 apps. The NOVID app is the first to empower people to directly avoid infection themselves. It brings the equivalent of radar to infectious disease control, and seeks to return our world to normalcy.

Daily Challenge

Loh is implementing a fresh approach to teaching advanced creative mathematical thinking to middle school students. The Daily Challenge is designed to be a fun and systematic tour of middle school competition math, designed for beginners. Through an original teaching style that develops creative thinking, students will discover the rich world of math that they can build from their foundation.

Moderate Zoom Chat

While teaching online, Loh observed that big Zoom meetings (especially classrooms) were disengaged. He designed and developed a free system for anyone to turn their online lectures into lively interactions. The key was to create the first easy-to-use system that lets you moderate Zoom chat, and delete messages.

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